KANGABOX Easy black

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Please note  only JJ.EY1265 blue and black are stock items ,  please telephone 0121 773 2228 for availability on other sizes and colours

ideal for transporting pizzas and cakes - and anything else best stored in square boxes. With its ultra-resistant surface, high stacking edge and ergonomically-shaped handles, the KANGABOX Easy is available in 10 color variants and 3 sizes with various volume variants.
  • Particularlry easy to clean
  • High temperatre resistance when keeping food hot or cold 
  • Rounded cornders for safe transport 
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • Ultra-light
  • imapct- and scratch proof surface 
  • 100% dyed through material
  • Dishwasher-safe to 80ºC
  • Ideal for suporting cold chains to HACCP standards
  • 2 smooth and 2 dimpled label fields

Product number Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm Volume
JJ.EY1100-Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 410x410x165 350x350x100 12L
JJ.EY1175--Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 410x410x240 350x350x175 21L
JJ.EY1265-- Stock item 410x410x330 350x350x265 32L
JJ.EY1330-Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 410x410x395 350x350x330 40L
Product number Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm  Volume
JJ.EY2117--Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 480x480x180 420x420x117 21L
JJ.EY2200--Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 480x480x265 420x420x200 35L


Product number Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm Volume
JJ.EY3117--Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 595x595x180 535x535x117 33L
JJ.EY3217--Special order contact us 0121-773-2228 595x595x280 535x535x217 62L

Condition New